Energy, Fuel, Renewable Energy, Wind Electric Power Generation

“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed

According to definition of Energy, “Renewable Energy” is an absolute gibberish, gobbledygook, nonsense.

Definition of energy.jpg

Energy is a thermodynamics property. “Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed



3 concepts


“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed

4th Reich

“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed & mystification of thermodynamics 

Renewability not a physical quantity, can’t be measured or expressed in numbers:

Renewability Phsyics

“Renewable Energy” is a series of manufactured products fully dependent on fossil fuel

Wind turbine wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel

Photovoltaic cell manufacturing processes wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel


“Renewable Energy” is to Electric Power Generation  is what Motor Car is to Transport

motor car.jpg

“Renewable Energy” & Cars are exacerbating environmental degradation

Galon of

From lowering oil price to climate change, to “Clean Energy”, to Green Energy , to renewable  propaganda it is all about capital restructuring

capital_s need

See how @BillGates & Italian Mafia invest in renewable energy

The irony is @BillGates also invests $1.4bn in fossil fuel

Why because everything depends on fuel Fuel depends on fuel Life depends on fuel (food). Chemical Energy in fuel (food) changes to Heat (thermal Energy) & Work

bike-diagram-470Man pushing a bike


Fuel Crisis 1970 was dampen down by replacing the word Fuel with #Energy 

Whoever writes about  “Renewable Energy” is trying to cover up the need for nationalised Infrastructure anywhere in the World

Anywhere in the World Infrastructure should be nationalised

wholesale electricity.jpg




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