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Thermodynamics is a branch of physics concerned with Heat & Work

History of thermodynamics

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Reason for thermodynamics: #PoliticalEconomy  of 19 Century & quest for fuel efficiency:

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Definition of the science of thermodynamics:

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The above is also known as “Engineering thermodynamics”.

There is also the “Chemical Thermodynamics”:

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Thermodynamics is concerned with interactions between  systems:


Thermodynamics is concerned with the “before” & “after” of a process:

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There are three laws in thermodynamics each covering a specific property:

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Basic terms in thermodynamics:

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Energy, Fuel, Renewable Energy, Wind Electric Power Generation

“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed

According to definition of Energy, “Renewable Energy” is an absolute gibberish, gobbledygook, nonsense.

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Energy is a thermodynamics property. “Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed



3 concepts


“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed

4th Reich

“Renewable Energy” is fundamentally flawed & mystification of thermodynamics 

Renewability not a physical quantity, can’t be measured or expressed in numbers:

Renewability Phsyics

“Renewable Energy” is a series of manufactured products fully dependent on fossil fuel

Wind turbine wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel

Photovoltaic cell manufacturing processes wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel


“Renewable Energy” is to Electric Power Generation  is what Motor Car is to Transport

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“Renewable Energy” & Cars are exacerbating environmental degradation

Galon of

From lowering oil price to climate change, to “Clean Energy”, to Green Energy , to renewable  propaganda it is all about capital restructuring

capital_s need

See how @BillGates & Italian Mafia invest in renewable energy

The irony is @BillGates also invests $1.4bn in fossil fuel

Why because everything depends on fuel Fuel depends on fuel Life depends on fuel (food). Chemical Energy in fuel (food) changes to Heat (thermal Energy) & Work

bike-diagram-470Man pushing a bike


Fuel Crisis 1970 was dampen down by replacing the word Fuel with #Energy 

Whoever writes about  “Renewable Energy” is trying to cover up the need for nationalised Infrastructure anywhere in the World

Anywhere in the World Infrastructure should be nationalised

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Energy, Fuel, Renewable Energy

How much fuel is used to make a loaf of bread, a wind turbine unit or a photovoltaic cell unit

The production of a consumer product like a loaf of bread; a wind turbine or a photovoltaic cell requires inputs from all the production processes in the host country and, through international trade, from all the production processes in the world. For example a loaf of bread requires:

  • Wheat which has to be milled cooked and transported.
  • Transport requires fuel and vehicles, for which steel, rubber, copper & fuel for fabrication are necessary.
  • Shops and bakeries need bricks, steel, cement, wood and glass; wheat production must have tractors, fertilisers, insecticides etc.

It is clearly impossible to determine the proportion of all the production processes in the world needed to produce a loaf of bread, or any other single product.

Any analysis must be based on a sub-system of the world, a sub-system for which all the inputs and outputs are known. The choice of sub-system is the first crucial step in evaluating a FUEL cost.

Three simple sub-systems of the production of a loaf of bread are shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1

The first is confined to the bakery and the fuel cost per loaf is the fuel delivered to the bakery divided by the number of loaves produced. The second sub-system includes the baker’s shop. The total Fuel cost is:


The third sub-system is the entire diagram and includes eight fuel inputs. As the sub-system is made larger the total fuel cost continues to increase. However, in a finite time it is not possible to take into account all the production processes in the world.

A more feasible objective is to follow each network of inputs back from the final product until it is found that the addition of the next input makes an acceptably small difference to the total fuel cost.

The choice of sub-system is one type of problem in evaluating fuel costs. Another is associated with the types of fuel included in the analysis and how these different fuels are added together.

The production and delivery of fossil fuels involves fuel consumption has to be incorporated into the fuel analysis. Producing secondary fuel supplies, such as gas and coke, wastes some of the fuel available in primary fuels. This uses have to be included too.

Most fuel analyses ignore the fuel input in the form of manpower or the calorific value of food. These difficulties are compounded by the various calorific values of different primary fuels and by the special role played by electric power in many industrial system








Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind Electric Power Generation

Electric Power Generation using wind a conundrum?

Wind turbines change kinetic energy contained in the wind into mechanical energy; & this results in Mechanical Power for Generating an Electric Power.

There are no such thing as Wind Energy ; Wind Power; Wind Electricity. Wind is a source of Mechanical Power.

Electric Power Generation using a device called wind turbine is damaging to environment. Most of the damage happens during Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Construction, Assembly, Installation, Commissioning, & Handover phases of  wind turbine Electric Power Generating system.

Wind turbine blades fly off in storm. Renewable Energy No such thing Wind turbine waste of money & investment 


Animals, wind and water. When civilization began, during the sixth millennium BC, the only available sources of power were animal: heavy tasks were performed by gangs of slaves, or by domestic animals. This division of labour was a prerequisite for the establishment of collective life.

The wind was the next source of power, at first used only for driving sailing vessels. Not until the tenth century AD, however, was the wind harnessed, by means of windmills, to mechanical tasks such as milling and sawing.

Water-wheels were invented earlier, probably in primitive form before the beginning of the Christian era. For centuries they remained man’s main source of mechanical power. But animals were slow and winds uncertain; water power was not always found in the right places. Particularly for mining, more concentrated, reliable and disposable sources of power were needed and urgently looked for throughout the Middle Ages.

The first is the bladed wheel. The earliest form was the water-wheel; later it appeared in the wind-mill, & finally as the steam or gas turbine or in the form of the rotary compressor.

A source of mechanical power must be reliable & flexible. It is for this reason that, though the winds are strong and cost nothing; we prefer to pay for fuel for our ships in order that they should “sail” with certainty, even when the wind is contrary or absent.

If you notice you will not see any of aircraft carriers being power by wind or solar panels. Do you know why? Because of poor availability; reliability; & maintainability as defined IEC 50 (191). So if wind & so called solar is not good enough for THEM. Why should they be good for schools, hospitals, factories, & homes!


BRITISH STANDARD BS EN 61400-12-1:2006  – Wind turbines — Part 12-1: Power performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbines

Wind turbine production

The production of a device such as wind turbine requires inputs from all the production processes in the world &, through international trade.

For example, the foundation requires cement which has to be manufactured, produced & transported.

Foundation reinforcement bars requires fuel for steel production, & fuel for means of transporting steel bars to site.

The Turbine blades needs plastics as the raw material for the production of GRP as part of turbine blade, this consumes Oil as a feedstock & fuel for processing & manufacturing. Manufacturing of resin for the blade  uses oil & the raw material is converted to resin using fuel. The resin is then transported for fabrication & manufacturing of blade wherever it might be in the world.

The above scenario repeats itself for every components in the  7 systems & sub-system in manufacturing & production of a wind turbine as shown in Table below:

 7 systems & sub-system in manufacturing & production of a wind turbine  

7-Sys Continue reading

Renewable Energy

“Renewable Energy” is mystification of thermodynamics

The 100-per-cent-efficient engine, E.100, is sometimes known as a perpetual-motion machine of the second kind (abbreviated to PMM2). A perpetual-motion machine of the 1st kind (PMM1) would be a. contravener of the 1st Law: the system continuously produces work while isolated, as regards heat transfer, from its surroundings the figure below makes the point. Both are impossible.



According to laws of thermodynamicsRenewable Energy,  like the perpetual-motion machines of the 1st,  & the 2nd kinds; is an
absolute impossibility.

Renewability is not, for most people, a concept which is expressible in numbers; how, for example, could a person measure whether one form of so called renewable energy is more or less renewable than another form of so called renewable energy?

Renewability is not a physical quantity.

The International Energy Agency (IEA, 2002) defines  ”renewable energy” as:

Renewable Energy is energy that is derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly. In its various forms, it derives directly or indirectly from the sun, or from heat generated deep within the earth. Included in the definition is energy generated from solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydropower and ocean resources, and bio-fuels and hydrogen derived from renewable resources.”

Comments IEA, 2002 definition

        1. If  “Renewable Energyis an ”energy”;  then why call ”energy” a ”Renewable Energy”?’
        2. Energy is not derived.  Energy is a thermodynamic property
        3. Energy has nothing to do with natural processes. Energy is a thermodynamic property
        4. Energy is not replenished energy is a thermodynamic property

”Renewable Energy” a mystification of thermodynamics

Most modern technology is a straightforward extension of simple devices & tools. The suspension bridge is a complex version of a log across a stream – we intuitively understand the lengths to which the builders must go to keep the structure up against the force of gravity. The motor car is an elaboration of the ox cart. With some effort of the imagination we can realise that the explosion of the petrol in the cylinders forces the pistons down, & the downward motion of the pistons gets transmitted through the driveshaft to the wheels. Other mechanical devices, the bicycle, the pneumatic hammer all seem simple. We feel we understand, in principle, how they work.

In contrast, so called “Renewable Energy has an aura of mystery about it. & the believers in so called “Renewable Energy for some unknown reason consider energy as a product, or a commodity which can be used, efficiently or not! Out of sudden with no historical background we have a market called energy market; fabricate, to deceive a concept of wholesale energy market.
With half hearted so called scientific; illusions & trickery “Renewable Energy becomes saviour of humanity, in fight against climate change. A whole lot of fantasy, & romantic-sounding words like;  sustainable energy, clean energy, and green energy; floods the TV; radio stations, newspapers, magazine scientific  journal; professional magazines; face book, twitter etc; carrying with them the magical promise of the good life, clean life CO2 free life; and the message is ”don’t worry keep buying, keep consuming  energy is renewable, “Renewable Energy with its technology, more than any other, sustains the myth of technological progress. We are encouraged to think any renewable energy believe that can give us these miraculous “Renewable Energy technology must be a pretty good one. Who would want to do without the wind turbine or a solar panel?

The myth is sustained in part by  ignorance of how these ”renewable energy” miracles works;  & widespread of ignorance, &  illiteracy in thermodynamics; & a knowledge of “Renewable Energy that is disseminated only to future specialists enrolled in ponzi “Renewable Energy & “Renewable Energy technology courses” in the industrialised countries. Access to this information is protected by so called  scientific facts; illusions; & scientific mumbo jumbo coming out of experts; consultants, scientist; & professors in so called “Renewable Energy; as barriers that keep the general public away; & reduce technicians & ”renewable energy” workers, believers, reporters to following step-by-step instructions in “Renewable Energy produced manuals.

Actually, once energy is demystified, then it will come apparent that energy is nothing more than an observable characteristic which
defines numerically; the value equal to the net heat during the process minus the net work during the process. Just; like volume(another observable characteristic) is in defining numerically; the value equal to amount of 3-dimensional space an object occupies.

The real mystery about the “Renewable Energy is not its theorisation but its exploitation.

The story of Werner von Siemens, founder of the German based transnational electrical technology company, illustrates just how important mystification of a concept is when he exploited an aura of mystery surrounding the electrical technology; as electrical technology, like energy was something not straightforward tosee unlike, the bridge, the motor car, the bicycle, the pneumatic hammer or the ox cart.

”A technical invention only achieves value and importance if industrial art itself has so far progressed that the invention is a practical one and supplies a need.” ~ Werner von Sieme Memoirs, 1892.

”make an invention timely and necessary” ~ Werner von Sieme Memoirs, 1892.

We see Siemens today using the same marketing strategy for their manufactured wind turbine units  & photovoltaic systems . In September 2011 the German 4th Reich regime company Siemens, which had been responsible for constructing all 17 of Germany’s existing nuclear power plants, announced that it would exit the nuclear sector following the Fukushima disaster & the subsequent changes to German so called ”energy policy”. Chief executive Peter Löscher has supported the German government’s planned Energiewende, its transition to ”renewable energy technologies”, calling it a “project of the century & saying Berlin’s target of reaching 35% renewable energy sources by 2020 was feasible.

 The ”Plunkett’s Renewable, alternative & hydrogen energy industry Almanac 2009 Editor & Publisher by: Jack W. Plunkett – ISBN 13 #978 – 1- 59392-480-5; has no definition for Renewable Energy & instead they give the following half baked definitions with no real meanings

 Energy: The capacity for doing work as measured by the capability of doing work (potential energy) or the conversion of this capability to motion (kinetic energy). Most of the world’s convertible energy comes from fossil fuels that are burned to produce heat that is then used as a transfer medium to mechanical or other means in order to accomplish tasks

Renewable Energy Resources: Energy resources that are naturally replenishing but flow-limited. They are virtually inexhaustible in duration but limited in the amount of energy that is available per unit of time. Renewable energy resources include biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave action and tidal action.

In the book ”Renewable Energy; Its physics, engineering, use, environmental impacts, economy and planning  Third Edition by: Bent Sørensen Roskilde University Energy & Environment Group, Institute 2, Universitetsvej 1, P. O. Box 260 DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark – Published by Elsevier Academic Press – 2004 2”. Bent Sørensen states:

“Renewable energy” is not narrowly defined here, & it may be taken to include the usage of any energy storage reservoir which is being “refilled” at rates comparable to that of extraction”

What are they talking about?! All meaningless  Marketing Gibberish.