Clean Energy, Energy, Fuel

Clean Energy is fundamentally flawed

According to definition of energy; Clean Energy is Fundamentally Flawed

Definition of energy

Clean is not a physical quantity; clean can’t be measured or expressed in numbers


measuring physical quantities

There is no definition anywhere for Clean Energy, below is how Ronald M. Dell
Formerly Head of Applied Electrochemistry, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, UK , & David A. J. Rand CSIRO Energy Technology, Clayton South, Victoria, Australia describe Clean Energy in RSC CLEAN TECHNOLOGY MONOGRAPHS
Clean Energy – ISBN 0-85404-546-5; The Royal Society of Chemistry 2004:

Clean Energy.jpg

Burning is an injury & has nothing to do with Fuel or Energy


“Energy is a useful PROPERTY” ~ MIT  & Clean Energy is fundamentally flawed



3 concepts


Fuel Combustion is a process; & burning fuel is an absolute gibberish, gobbledygook, nonsense.

Take a person who is craving for so called “clean energy“, give that person food; sit the person on a bike, & force He or She to generate electric power


Man pushing a bike

Th chemical Energy in the fuel (food) will change into Heat (thermal energy)  & Work Heat defintion.jpg


In generating electric power the person craving for so called “clean energy“, will also produce by-products


So listen the person craving for so called “clean energy“: It is absolutely impossible to transcend the laws of nature.

To understand fuel combustion mastery of chemical thermodynamics is required

chemical thermodynamics

So called “Clean Energy” is a series of manufactured products fully dependent on fossil fuel.

Wind turbine manufacturing wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel

photovoltaic cell manufacturing processes wholly/solely depends on fossil fuel

Processes used in production of Photovoltaic cell (wrongly referred to as solar panels) are wholly & solely dependent on using fossil fuels, & have hazardous toxic by-products which have to be disposed of safely.a company like Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) can produce 8,000 tonnes per annum Polysilicon for export to the world disguised under false banner of renewable energy using processes listed below which use fossil fuels

Polysilicon Chemical Vapour Deposition –

Trichlorosilane (TCS) synthesis

Purified trichlorosilane (TCS) production

Siemens reactor

Polysilicon product handling Chemical Etching in Polysilicon production

Vent Gas Recovery and Converter Polysilicon production

Silicon Tetrachloride (STC) to TCS Polysilicon production

Polysilicon Process

PolySilicon Plant

All the above URLs are the reference URL to show the extend of industrial operation

From lowering oil price to climate change, to so called “clean energy” propaganda it is all about capital restructuring

capital_s need

See how @BillGates & Italian Mafia invest in clean energy, the irony is @BillGates also invests $1.4bn in fossil fuel ; but why? Well @BillGates knows: everything depends on fuel; @BillGates knows even fuel depends on fuel.

@BillGates knows life depends on fuel (food) & he knows chemical energy in fuel (food) changes to Heat & Work.

So what is the purpose of so called the “Clean Energy“? “Clean Energy” has one mission & that is : individualised & decentralised electric power generation.

Fuel Crisis 1970 was dampen down by replacing the word Fuel with #Energy  ; & cray for so called “Clean Energy” is the continuation of the mystification of Energy

Anywhere in the World Infrastructure should be nationalised