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“Solar Power”, “Solar Energy” & “Solar Panel” all are sales gimmicks

Solar etymology:


According to the definition of “Power”, there is no such thing  “Solar Power”<!– [if IE 8]>//<![endif]–>

Definitions of “Power”:

Power definition.jpg

“Power” as a derivative of  “Work”:

Power as derivative

According to the definition of “Energy” there is no such thing as “Solar Energy” 

Definition of energy

Energy is a thermodynamics property


The First Law of Thermodynamics

3 concepts

According to definition of “panel” there is no such thing as “Solar Panel”


“Solar Power”, “Solar Energy” & “Solar Panel” all are  sales gimmick for manufactured Photovoltaic cell units using fossil fuels

What is a Photovoltaic cell (commonly and wrongly referred to as solar panels”)

A photovoltaic cell (PV cell) is a specialized semiconductor diode that changes visible light into direct current (DC). Some PV cells can also change infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) radiation into the unidirectional flow of electric charge (DC current)

working of photovoltaic cell (PV cell) relies on Heat (thermal Energy) Transfer & Radiation


Heat (thermal energy) Transfer is an important science in engineering

Heat transfer0.jpg

Heat Transfer.jpg


Any viable system for electric power generation has to satisfy four conditions:

4 condition for Power gneration.jpg

Using manufactured photovoltaic cell (PV cell) (manufacturing process uses fossil fuels) fails all four conditions stated above.

Photovoltaic cell (PV cell) manufacturing processes wholly & solely depends on fossil fuel

Processes used in production of Photovoltaic cell (wrongly referred to as solar panels) are wholly & solely dependent on using fossil fuels, & have hazardous toxic by-products which have to be disposed of safely.

A company like Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) can produce 8,000 tonnes per annum Polysilicon for export to the world disguised under false banner of renewable energy using processes listed below which use fossil fuels

Processes used for manufacturing Photovoltaic cell (PV cell) are:

a) Polysilicon Chemical Vapour Deposition –

Trichlorosilane (TCS) synthesis Purified trichlorosilane (TCS) production

Siemens reactor

Polysilicon product handling Chemical Etching in Polysilicon production

b) Vent Gas Recovery and Converter Polysilicon production

c) Silicon Tetrachloride (STC) to TCS Polysilicon production

Polysilicon Process

PolySilicon Plant

All the above URLs are the reference URL to show the extend of industrial operation


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